Planning to Buy Real Estate in Timaru?

It is known as the mainland of the central South Island as a vibrant and growing city placed halfway between Christchurch and Dunedin. We are talking about Timaru – a beautiful city that still retains its Edwardian character, Timaru is positioned between the sea and the alps making it an attractive place to live for both sea and mountain enthusiasts’.There are plenty of regional areas within the Timaru district to consider buying real estate in including: Beaconfield, Hadlow, Pleasant Point, Temuka, Waimataitai, Clandeboye, Gleniti, Marchwiel, Pareora, Smithfield, Washdyke, Winchester, Fairview, Glenwood, Kensington, Mesopotamia, Parkside, Redruth and Watlington.If you are planning to buy real estate in Timaru what do you need to keep an eye out for?It wasn’t too long ago that all there was on offer in this central South Island city were “doer-uppers” and older villas. While these are still a popular choice for many first time property buyers, with prices many of the larger New Zealand centres would envy, you can also select property in some of the newer suburbs where large subdivisions have been developed. Some of the farmland close to the city has been sold off and parcelled up to create new suburbs, with homes that are modern, warm and welcoming.So what sort of things should an expert be checking on your dream real estate in Timaru, NZ? It’s a relatively dry area in summer, but like the rest of the South Island heavy rain falls and snow can create issues in a house. It’s a good idea to have all the brick, timber, stone and any plasterings checked out and also see what the state of the chimney/s and spouting is.Of course there is little that cannot be fixed, but it’s a matter of going in with your eyes open. Of course you don’t need to have this all inline when making an offer. That perfect place you have your eye on can have an offer made, making it subject to a building report and perhaps other things such as finance and your current home selling.It’s a good idea to check things such as the plumbing and electrics, and check for any issues that may need maintenance over the next few years. Your agent should be able to recommend a person who is held in high regard with the local council. A perfect home needs to be healthy on the inside and the outside and luckily there is plenty of real estate in Timaru, NZ that fits that bill.